Chocolate lava cake helper

I had some of my cousins and sister over for dinner on Sunday so I tried out a simple chocolate lava cake recipe for my guests from Noobcook. Zhi En got to help with two parts – breaking the eggs and brushing the tins with butter.

Breaking the eggs
Zhi En knocked an egg against the side of the bowl and managed to empty half the egg on the table and the other half in the bowl. Not bad considering there were no shell pieces in the bowl. Luckily I had just wiped the table so I swept the egg off the table into the bowl. 180 deg C should eliminate any bacteria, right?

For the second egg, he proceeded to knock it again but this time handed it over to R to actually break the egg into the bowl. I wonder why? Perhaps he was intimidated by the first time seeing me having to sweep the egg off the table.

Brushing tins with butter
While I set the mixer to whipped up the eggs and sugar, R and Zhi En got busy brushing butter on the tins. Zhi En really enjoyed this. R had to teach him what he was doing and how to do it in the tin, not out of the tin or on the table. He did some the initial brushing and R evened out the butter later on. At the last, Zhi En held onto the remaining tin and brushed it for about 20 minutes while I distributed the mix into the tins.

Haha…the result of letting Zhi En brush the butter was that some of the tins had too much butter at the bottom and the cake came out with a layer of buttered cake at the bottom (or top since I up-ended the cake) which had to be discarded.

Zhi En in the background and choc mix in the foreground

Happy brusher

Some notes regarding this recipe:
– It was way too sweet! I shall have to half the sugar next time. It may be due to the fact that the chocolate I used was not dark chocolate as recommended though.
– Doubling the recipe uses nine egg tart tins. (I didn’t use ramekins since I didn’t have any.)

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